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What Should I Bring to Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival?

Forbidden Kingdom Music Festival is a two-day bass & dubstep electronic music festival in Boca Raton, Florida that started in 2019. If you’re planning to attend, you may be wondering what to bring with you.

Festival Essentials:

  • Don’t forget to print your tickets! If you don’t print your tickets in advance, you will have a difficult or impossible time accessing them on-line once you arrive. Data service is notoriously slow/absent so you may have to leave the festival by car to get to a place where you have enough service to pull them up.
  • A wallet or something to hold your Government-issued photo ID, cash, and a credit/debit card. Be sure to keep it safe because all music festivals, or events where a lot of people gather, are prime opportunities for pick pockets.
  • A small bag, no bigger than a standard sheet of paper. Cinch sacks/sack packs are usually just the right size. Guard very carefully. As with any big public event, you always want to be aware and careful with your belongings.
  • Bring a lip protectant like one of my lip balms. The beeswax acts as a barrier keeping moisture in and harsh elements out. The stirred up dust, sun, and inadequate hydration can lead to seriously chapped lips.
  • Cell phone and power bank. After years of festivals, I recommend the Anker brand because it can charge multiple cell phones multiple times and does not take up much space.
  • Small bottle of sunscreen lotion. Aerosols are banned.
  • Refillable water bottle or empty CamelBak. It’s important to stay hydrated folks!
  • Ear plugs. I have a few types I like. My favorite is called Ear Angels and what I love about them is that I can attach them to my earrings and never worry about losing them. Other varieties include special music festival ear plugs that lower decibels while keeping sound quality. And even the cheapest set you can find at the drug store. The advantage of those is you never worry if you lose one. They are light and small so you can throw a few pair into your bag and they take no extra space.
  • Sunglasses. I love finding unique and interesting sunglasses to not only protect my eyes, but to add to my festival outfits. Check out Amazon for inexpensive, yet cool choices. Another great place to find something truly unique is Etsy. These often aren’t inexpensive, but you can find things that are one of a kind. My all time favorite festival glasses I picked up at Hulaween. They’re called Spunglasses.
  • Dress in layers. Although weather in Boca Raton in February is usually in the 70s, it can get quite hot. That full-body fuzzy onesie can become unbearable if you can’t take it off.
  • Wear comfortable, closed toe shoes you don’t mind getting wet or muddy. High heels won’t work on the grass fields. I recommend closed toe shoes for any festival because you are certain to get your feet stepped on at some point when everyone is dancing. This will help prevent injury.
  • Because it is Florida, there is always a chance of rain. Umbrellas are not allowed, so pick up a $1 rain slicker that you can fit in your small bag.
  • Small blanket, beach towel, or inflatable chair. See my comments above on muddy festival grounds. Since this is one of the festivals that does allow inflatable chairs, I highly recommend it to keep you off of the wet ground when you want to take a break from dancing.

What not to bring? Festivals constantly change their list of banned items, so always check their website before you go.

Note: None of the links in this post are sponsored.

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